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Lancaster County Youth Baseball League

It's About The Kids!

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10u Section 1
10u Section 2
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10u Section 2 Standings page was last modified on Thursday, June 22, 2017 01:20:36 PM
Year End Tournament updated 06.22.17

Head Coach, contact Chris Ahern @ (717-823-8710) to verify that your team will be playing in the tournament!
10u Section 2
YellowWinsLossesTiesWinning %PointsRuns AllowedGames Remaining
DMT LightningLCYBL151093.8%45560
Mountville PiratesLCYBL142087.5%42400
Hempfield BlackLCYBL133081.3%39370
St. Leo GreenLCYBL124075.0%36680
St. Leo WhiteLCYBL114073.3%33331
Penn Manor WhiteLCYBL114073.3%33571
MT ThunderLCYBL115068.8%33640
Manheim VFWLCYBL106062.5%30750
Mount Joy WhiteLCYBL97056.3%27580
Penn Manor GrayLCYBL87053.3%24801
Penn Manor BlueLCYBL78146.7%221140
Lancaster SALSALCYBL610037.5%181450
Mount Joy BlueLCYBL610037.5%18960
Ephrata SquiresLCYBL59135.7%16851
Cocalico EaglesLCYBL412025.0%121380
Pequea Valley BravesLCYBL214012.5%61290
Penn Manor GoldLCYBL11406.7%31191
Lancaster RecLCYBL11506.3%31730
OLA WildcatsLCYBL11406.7%31891
Lancaster St. JoeLCYBL01600.0%01170
SeedTeamWinsLossesTiesWinning %PointsRuns AllowedGames Remaining
D1MT LightningLCYBL151093.8%45560
2Mountville PiratesLCYBL142087.5%42400
3Hempfield BlackLCYBL133081.3%39370
XSt. Leo GreenLCYBL124075.0%36680
XSt. Leo WhiteLCYBL114073.3%33331
4H2HPenn Manor WhiteLCYBL114073.3%33571
5H2HMT ThunderLCYBL115068.8%33640
6Manheim VFWLCYBL106062.5%30750
7Mount Joy WhiteLCYBL97056.3%27580
8Penn Manor GrayLCYBL87053.3%24801
9Penn Manor BlueLCYBL78146.7%221140
10H2HLancaster SALSALCYBL610037.5%181450
11H2HMount Joy BlueLCYBL610037.5%18960
12Ephrata SquiresLCYBL59135.7%16851
XCocalico EaglesLCYBL412025.0%121380
XPequea Valley BravesLCYBL214012.5%61290
XPenn Manor GoldLCYBL11406.7%31191
XLancaster RecLCYBL11506.3%31730
XOLA WildcatsLCYBL11406.7%31891
XLancaster St. JoeLCYBL01600.0%01170
1. Points
All teams qualify for the Year End Tournament2. H2HCalculated EOS
Division Winners are the #1 & #2 Seeds3. Runs Allowed
4. Coin Flip
.750 Rule
OLA WildcatsEligible
St. Leo GreenIneligible
St. Leo WhiteEligible