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Lancaster County Youth Baseball League

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10-Apr-17Mon23906:00PM Flory Park #1            Conestoga Valley         13Cocalico Eagles          1Z
10-Apr-17Mon23956:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Black                3SWS White                9Z
10-Apr-17Mon23936:00PM Overlook #1              MT Storm                 1Hempfield Black          17Z
10-Apr-17Mon23946:00PM SOLANCO LL#2             SOLANCO Gold             8Penn Manor Blue          2Z
10-Apr-17Mon23926:00PM St. Joseph's Field 1     Lancaster St. Joe        3Ephrata Paladins         13Z
10-Apr-17Mon23916:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Red            8Donegal Indians          4Z
11-Apr-17Tue23966:00PM Creek Field              Manheim VFW              6Mountville Braves        10Z
11-Apr-17Tue23986:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Black Sox     2Penn Manor Gold          3Z
11-Apr-17Tue24016:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Blue                 3Warwick Braves           11Z
11-Apr-17Tue23976:00PM Kunkle Field             Mount Joy Blue           0Mountville Phillies      10Z
11-Apr-17Tue24006:00PM Overlook #1              MT Lightning             8Garden Spot Blue Sox     4Z
11-Apr-17Tue23996:00PM Terre Hill Community MemoGarden Spot Royals       9Columbia Red             8Z
12-Apr-17Wed24046:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS White                1SOLANCO Gold             9Z
12-Apr-17Wed24026:00PM Overlook #2              MT Thunder               7MT Storm                 5Z
13-Apr-17Thu24076:00PM Ephrata Township Field   Ephrata Paladins         11Hempfield Red            4Z
13-Apr-17Thu24056:00PM Flory Park #1            Conestoga Valley         2Columbia Red             12Z
13-Apr-17Thu24066:00PM Furman Park Field #2     Donegal Indians          16Garden Spot Royals       9Z
13-Apr-17Thu24126:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Gold          5Mount Joy Blue           8Z
13-Apr-17Thu24116:00PM Maneta Park (Zinn's)     Cocalico Eagles          4SWS Blue                 7Z
13-Apr-17Thu24086:00PM New Holland Park         Garden Spot Blue Sox     7Lancaster St. Joe        4Z
13-Apr-17Thu24096:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Black          3MT Lightning             13Z
13-Apr-17Thu24106:00PM Warwick Township Field 2 Warwick Braves           13SWS Black                5Z
14-Apr-17Fri24146:00PM Froelich Park East       Mountville Phillies      9Manheim VFW              4Z
14-Apr-17Fri24136:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Braves        13MT Thunder               7Z
17-Apr-17Mon24216:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Braves        11Mount Joy Blue           5Z
17-Apr-17Mon24166:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Black                10Cocalico Eagles          2Z
17-Apr-17Mon24206:00PM Overlook #1              MT Lightning             13MT Thunder               9Z
17-Apr-17Mon24236:00PM SOLANCO LL#2             SOLANCO Gold             15Warwick Braves           9Z
17-Apr-17Mon24196:00PM St. Joseph's Field 1     Lancaster St. Joe        9Hempfield Black          17Z
17-Apr-17Mon24176:00PM Terre Hill Community MemoGarden Spot Royals       2Ephrata Paladins         14Z
17-Apr-17Mon24186:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Red            16Garden Spot Blue Sox     7Z
18-Apr-17Tue24226:00PM Flory Park #1            Conestoga Valley         12Mountville Black Sox     0Z
18-Apr-17Tue24256:00PM Froelich Park East       Mountville Phillies      15Donegal Indians          4Z
18-Apr-17Tue24266:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Gold          7Penn Manor Blue          11Z
18-Apr-17Tue24246:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Blue                 7Columbia Red             4Z
18-Apr-17Tue24276:00PM Paradise Park Field 2    Pequea Valley Braves     1SWS White                15Z
19-Apr-17Wed24296:00PM Creek Field              Manheim VFW              7MT Lightning             9Z
19-Apr-17Wed24306:00PM Kunkle Field             Mount Joy Blue           10MT Storm                 0Z
20-Apr-17Thu24326:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Black Sox     17Garden Spot Royals       12Z
20-Apr-17Thu24406:00PM Furman Park Field #2     Donegal Indians          7SWS Blue                 5Z
20-Apr-17Thu24286:00PM Gladfelter Field_3       Columbia Red             6Hempfield Red            4Z
20-Apr-17Thu24356:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Blue          6Mountville Phillies      10Z
20-Apr-17Thu24366:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS White                8Penn Manor Gold          7Z
20-Apr-17Thu24316:00PM Hopeland Park            Ephrata Paladins         8Conestoga Valley         5Z
20-Apr-17Thu24386:00PM Maneta Park (Zinn's)     Cocalico Eagles          3SOLANCO Gold             13Z
20-Apr-17Thu24336:00PM Overlook #2              MT Thunder               14Lancaster St. Joe        6Z
20-Apr-17Thu24396:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Black          5SWS Black                8Z
20-Apr-17Thu24376:00PM Warwick Township Field 2 Warwick Braves           10Pequea Valley Braves     5Z
21-Apr-17Fri24346:00PM New Holland Park         Garden Spot Blue Sox     4Mountville Braves        6Z
24-Apr-17Mon24496:00PM Froelich Park East       Mountville Phillies      5SWS White                8Z
24-Apr-17Mon24486:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Braves        12Penn Manor Blue          8Z
24-Apr-17Mon24436:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Blue                 6Ephrata Paladins         16Z
24-Apr-17Mon24476:00PM Overlook #1              MT Lightning             10Mount Joy Blue           7Z
24-Apr-17Mon24426:00PM SOLANCO LL#2             SOLANCO Gold             7Columbia Red             11Z
24-Apr-17Mon24446:00PM Terre Hill Community MemoGarden Spot Royals       14Hempfield Black          6Z
24-Apr-17Mon24456:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Red            12MT Thunder               10Z
25-Apr-17Tue24516:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Black                7Donegal Indians          10Z
26-Apr-17Wed24526:00PM Flory Park #1            Conestoga Valley         7Garden Spot Blue Sox     4Z
26-Apr-17Wed24546:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Gold          5Warwick Braves           11Z
26-Apr-17Wed24556:00PM Kunkle Field             Mount Joy Blue           12Hempfield Red            9Z
27-Apr-17Thu24576:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Black Sox     1MT Lightning             14Z
27-Apr-17Thu24636:00PM Furman Park Field #2     Donegal Indians          12SOLANCO Gold             11Z
27-Apr-17Thu24586:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Blue          17MT Storm                 2Z
27-Apr-17Thu24596:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS White                0Mountville Braves        7Z
27-Apr-17Thu24646:00PM Hopeland Park            Ephrata Paladins         4SWS Black                3Z
27-Apr-17Thu24616:00PM Maneta Park (Zinn's)     Cocalico Eagles          1Penn Manor Gold          11Z
27-Apr-17Thu24656:00PM New Holland Park         Garden Spot Blue Sox     8SWS Blue                 7Z
27-Apr-17Thu24566:00PM Overlook #2              MT Thunder               12Garden Spot Royals       9Z
27-Apr-17Thu24666:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Black          2Conestoga Valley         15Z
27-Apr-17Thu24606:00PM Warwick Township Field 2 Warwick Braves           1Mountville Phillies      6Z
28-Apr-17Fri24676:00PM Creek Field              Manheim VFW              15Lancaster St. Joe        5Z
2-May-17Tue24746:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Braves        6Pequea Valley Braves     5Z
2-May-17Tue24686:00PM Terre Hill Community MemoGarden Spot Royals       8SWS Blue                 10Z
3-May-17Wed24706:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Gold          1Mountville Phillies      11Z
3-May-17Wed24796:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS White                14Garden Spot Blue Sox     8Z
3-May-17Wed24716:00PM Maneta Park (Zinn's)     Cocalico Eagles          5Donegal Indians          10Z
3-May-17Wed24696:00PM SOLANCO LL#2             SOLANCO Gold             16MT Storm                 1Z
4-May-17Thu24806:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Black Sox     6MT Thunder               8Z
4-May-17Thu24776:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Blue          10Manheim VFW              3Z
4-May-17Thu24736:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Blue                 13Lancaster St. Joe        3Z
4-May-17Thu24786:00PM Hopeland Park            Ephrata Paladins         4Warwick Braves           6Z
4-May-17Thu24766:00PM Kunkle Field             Mount Joy Blue           17Hempfield Black          8Z
4-May-17Thu24756:00PM Overlook #1              MT Lightning             5SWS Black                4Z
4-May-17Thu24726:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Red            24Conestoga Valley         14Z
5-May-17Fri24036:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Blue          6Pequea Valley Braves     5Z
8-May-17Mon24836:00PM Froelich Park East       Mountville Phillies      5SOLANCO Gold             4Z
8-May-17Mon24866:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Black Sox     7Donegal Indians          17Z
8-May-17Mon24876:00PM Gladfelter Field_3       Columbia Red             8Ephrata Paladins         6Z
8-May-17Mon24826:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Black                1Mountville Braves        11Z
8-May-17Mon24856:00PM New Holland Park         Garden Spot Blue Sox     3Cocalico Eagles          2Z
8-May-17Mon24896:00PM Overlook #2              MT Thunder               8SWS White                9Z
8-May-17Mon24816:00PM St. Joseph's Field 1     Lancaster St. Joe        11Garden Spot Royals       17Z
8-May-17Mon24886:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Black          5Penn Manor Blue          13Z
9-May-17Tue24916:00PM Creek Field              Manheim VFW              13Mount Joy Blue           12Z
9-May-17Tue24906:00PM Flory Park #1            Conestoga Valley         9MT Lightning             4Z
9-May-17Tue25646:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS White                7Warwick Braves           14Z
10-May-17Wed24966:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Black Sox     5Penn Manor Blue          12Z
10-May-17Wed24946:00PM Furman Park Field #2     Donegal Indians          16Garden Spot Blue Sox     6Z
10-May-17Wed24936:00PM Paradise Park Field 2    Pequea Valley Braves     1Penn Manor Gold          4Z
10-May-17Wed24926:00PM Terre Hill Community MemoGarden Spot Royals       16MT Storm                 6Z
10-May-17Wed24956:00PM Warwick Township Field 2 Warwick Braves           15Hempfield Black          0Z
11-May-17Thu24996:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Blue                 7Mountville Phillies      9Z
11-May-17Thu25026:00PM Hopeland Park            Ephrata Paladins         10Mount Joy Blue           8Z
11-May-17Thu24986:00PM Overlook #1              MT Lightning             9Hempfield Red            4Z
12-May-17Fri25046:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Gold          4SWS Black                2Z
12-May-17Fri25036:00PM SOLANCO LL#2             SOLANCO Gold             15Pequea Valley Braves     5Z
15-May-17Mon25126:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Blue          7SWS White                4Z
15-May-17Mon25076:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Black                1SOLANCO Gold             11Z
15-May-17Mon25106:00PM Hopeland Park            Ephrata Paladins         5Hempfield Black          1Z
15-May-17Mon25116:00PM Kunkle Field             Mount Joy Blue           6Mountville Black Sox     5Z
15-May-17Mon25086:00PM Maneta Park (Zinn's)     Cocalico Eagles          9Columbia Red             9T
15-May-17Mon25056:00PM Overlook #1              MT Storm                 15Lancaster St. Joe        5Z
15-May-17Mon25096:00PM Overlook #2              MT Thunder               2Donegal Indians          8Z
15-May-17Mon25066:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Red            7Mountville Braves        8Z
16-May-17Tue25166:00PM Creek Field              Manheim VFW              0Warwick Braves           12Z
16-May-17Tue25146:00PM Flory Park #1            Conestoga Valley         8Penn Manor Gold          7Z
16-May-17Tue25156:00PM Paradise Park Field 2    Pequea Valley Braves     6SWS Blue                 5Z
17-May-17Wed25196:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS White                5Mount Joy Blue           8Z
17-May-17Wed25186:00PM New Holland Park         Garden Spot Blue Sox     13MT Thunder               7Z
17-May-17Wed24536:00PM Overlook #1              MT Storm                 9Mountville Black Sox     15Z
17-May-17Wed25176:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Black          4Columbia Red             8Z
18-May-17Thu25246:00PM Creek Field              Manheim VFW              15Ephrata Paladins         16Z
18-May-17Thu25236:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Blue                 13SWS Black                7Z
18-May-17Thu25256:00PM Maneta Park (Zinn's)     Cocalico Eagles          7Penn Manor Blue          10Z
18-May-17Thu25206:00PM SOLANCO LL#2             SOLANCO Gold             10Conestoga Valley         4Z
18-May-17Thu25226:00PM Terre Hill Community MemoGarden Spot Royals       22Pequea Valley Braves     12Z
19-May-17Fri25276:00PM Overlook #1              MT Storm                 4MT Lightning             21Z
19-May-17Fri24156:00PM Paradise Park Field 2    Pequea Valley Braves     5Mountville Black Sox     12Z
22-May-17Mon25286:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Braves        13Garden Spot Royals       2Z
22-May-17Mon25346:00PM Furman Park Field #2     Donegal Indians          16Mount Joy Blue           5Z
22-May-17Mon25306:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Red            5SOLANCO Gold             11Z
22-May-17Mon25326:00PM Warwick Township Field 2 Warwick Braves           5Cocalico Eagles          1Z
23-May-17Tue25366:00PM Flory Park #1            Conestoga Valley         8SWS Blue                 1Z
23-May-17Tue25356:00PM Froelich Park East       Mountville Phillies      16MT Storm                 1Z
23-May-17Tue24626:00PM Gladfelter Field_3       Columbia Red             6Pequea Valley Braves     5Z
23-May-17Tue25376:00PM New Holland Park         Garden Spot Blue Sox     8Penn Manor Blue          9Z
24-May-17Wed25426:00PM Furman Park Field #2     Donegal Indians          5Warwick Braves           14Z
24-May-17Wed25016:00PM Gladfelter Field_3       Columbia Red             2Manheim VFW              18Z
24-May-17Wed25386:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Black                7Garden Spot Royals       7T
24-May-17Wed25416:00PM Hopeland Park            Ephrata Paladins         5Mountville Black Sox     6Z
24-May-17Wed25476:00PM Overlook #2              MT Thunder               5Mount Joy Blue           12Z
24-May-17Wed25396:00PM Paradise Park Field 2    Pequea Valley Braves     12Lancaster St. Joe        13Z
24-May-17Wed25406:00PM SOLANCO LL#2             SOLANCO Gold             6MT Lightning             6T
25-May-17Thu25466:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Black          2Manheim VFW              8Z
26-May-17Fri25296:00PM Overlook #1              MT Lightning             8Penn Manor Gold          2Z
30-May-17Tue25506:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Braves        6SOLANCO Gold             7Z
30-May-17Tue25526:00PM Gladfelter Field_3       Columbia Red             2SWS White                11Z
30-May-17Tue25486:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Gold          6Lancaster St. Joe        2Z
30-May-17Tue25496:00PM Overlook #1              MT Storm                 8Pequea Valley Braves     12Z
31-May-17Wed25516:00PM Warwick Township Field 2 Warwick Braves           14Garden Spot Blue Sox     6Z
31-May-17Wed25546:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Black Sox     7Hempfield Black          15Z
31-May-17Wed25536:00PM Kunkle Field             Mount Joy Blue           7Cocalico Eagles          4Z
31-May-17Wed25616:00PM Overlook #1              MT Lightning             9SWS Blue                 3Z
1-Jun-17Thu25556:00PM Flory Park #1            Conestoga Valley         16Lancaster St. Joe        7Z
1-Jun-17Thu25596:00PM Gladfelter Field_3       Columbia Red             8Donegal Indians          9Z
1-Jun-17Thu25566:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Black                15MT Storm                 5Z
1-Jun-17Thu25576:00PM Paradise Park Field 2    Pequea Valley Braves     1Mountville Phillies      10Z
1-Jun-17Thu25586:00PM SOLANCO LL#2             SOLANCO Gold             4Penn Manor Gold          6Z
2-Jun-17Fri25636:00PM Creek Field              Manheim VFW              5Mountville Black Sox     1Z
2-Jun-17Fri25626:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Blue          8MT Thunder               2Z
2-Jun-17Fri25606:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Red            17Garden Spot Royals       2Z
3-Jun-17Sat244111:00aMOverlook #1              MT Storm                 5Manheim VFW              14Z
5-Jun-17Mon25666:00PM Froelich Park East       Mountville Phillies      13SWS Black                0Z
5-Jun-17Mon24976:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Braves        6Conestoga Valley         8Z
5-Jun-17Mon25686:00PM Furman Park Field #2     Donegal Indians          11Manheim VFW              3Z
5-Jun-17Mon25696:00PM Gladfelter Field_3       Columbia Red             8Penn Manor Blue          3Z
5-Jun-17Mon25676:00PM Hopeland Park            Ephrata Paladins         17Cocalico Eagles          2Z
5-Jun-17Mon25656:00PM St. Joseph's Field 1     Lancaster St. Joe        2Hempfield Red            15Z
5-Jun-17Mon25706:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Black          16SWS White                12Z
6-Jun-17Tue25736:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Blue                 8Mountville Braves        19Z
6-Jun-17Tue25746:00PM Kunkle Field             Mount Joy Blue           9Garden Spot Blue Sox     4Z
6-Jun-17Tue25726:00PM Terre Hill Community MemoGarden Spot Royals       4MT Lightning             14Z
7-Jun-17Wed25786:00PM Creek Field              Manheim VFW              11Cocalico Eagles          3Z
7-Jun-17Wed25766:00PM Flory Park #1            Conestoga Valley         1Mountville Phillies      10Z
7-Jun-17Wed25796:00PM Gladfelter Field_3       Columbia Red             6MT Thunder               5Z
7-Jun-17Wed25776:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Black                13Pequea Valley Braves     12Z
7-Jun-17Wed25756:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Red            16MT Storm                 9Z
7-Jun-17Wed25806:00PM Warwick Township Field 2 Warwick Braves           18Mountville Black Sox     1Z
8-Jun-17Thu25836:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Gold          4SWS Blue                 2Z
8-Jun-17Thu25856:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS White                5Ephrata Paladins         7Z
8-Jun-17Thu25826:00PM Overlook #1              MT Lightning             20Lancaster St. Joe        2Z
8-Jun-17Thu25816:00PM SOLANCO LL#2             SOLANCO Gold             11Garden Spot Royals       5Z
8-Jun-17Thu25846:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Black          7Donegal Indians          9Z
8-Jun-17Thu25868:00PM Kunkle Field             Mount Joy Blue           12Penn Manor Blue          12T
12-Jun-17Mon25436:00PM Overlook #1              MT Storm                 3Conestoga Valley         15Z
12-Jun-17Mon25906:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS White                6Manheim VFW              2Z
12-Jun-17Mon25916:00PM Maneta Park (Zinn's)     Cocalico Eagles          7Mountville Black Sox     11Z
12-Jun-17Mon25896:00PM New Holland Park         Garden Spot Blue Sox     18Hempfield Black          19Z
12-Jun-17Mon25876:00PM St. Joseph's Field 1     Lancaster St. Joe        11Mountville Braves        18Z
12-Jun-17Mon25886:00PM Terre Hill Community MemoGarden Spot Royals       12Penn Manor Gold          10Z
13-Jun-17Tue25936:00PM Froelich Park East       Mountville Phillies      10Hempfield Red            5Z
13-Jun-17Tue25956:00PM Furman Park Field #2     Donegal Indians          7Ephrata Paladins         6Z
13-Jun-17Tue25946:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Blue                 4SOLANCO Gold             8Z
13-Jun-17Tue26116:00PM Terre Hill Community MemoGarden Spot Royals       0Conestoga Valley         15Z
13-Jun-17Tue26036:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Blue          1Warwick Braves           15Z
14-Jun-17Wed24506:00PM Paradise Park Field 2    Pequea Valley Braves     15Cocalico Eagles          0Z
14-Jun-17Wed25446:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Gold          4Mountville Braves        7Z
14-Jun-17Wed25986:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Black Sox     8SWS White                17Z
14-Jun-17Wed24846:00PM Overlook #1              MT Storm                 8SWS Blue                 11Z
14-Jun-17Wed24466:00PM St. Joseph's Field 1     Lancaster St. Joe        8Manheim VFW              23Z
14-Jun-17Wed25976:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Black          11MT Thunder               13Z
14-Jun-17Wed25968:00PM Kunkle Field             Mount Joy Blue           4Columbia Red             11Z
15-Jun-17Thu26016:00PM Flory Park #1            Conestoga Valley         12SWS Black                2Z
15-Jun-17Thu26026:00PM Hopeland Park            Ephrata Paladins         16Garden Spot Blue Sox     6Z
15-Jun-17Thu25996:00PM Overlook #1              MT Lightning             12Mountville Phillies      14Z
15-Jun-17Thu26006:00PM Tom Herr Field           Hempfield Red            9Pequea Valley Braves     7Z
16-Jun-17Fri25316:00PM St. Joseph's Field 1     Lancaster St. Joe        11SWS Black                17Z
19-Jun-17Mon26066:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS White                18Cocalico Eagles          3Z
20-Jun-17Tue26106:00PM Warwick Township Field 2 Warwick Braves           15Mount Joy Blue           5Z
20-Jun-17Tue26046:00PM Froelich Park East       Mountville Phillies      5Mountville Braves        2Z
20-Jun-17Tue26136:00PM Overlook #1              MT Storm                 11Penn Manor Gold          20Z
20-Jun-17Tue26126:00PM Paradise Park Field 2    Pequea Valley Braves     6MT Lightning             16Z
20-Jun-17Tue26097:30PM Creek Field              Manheim VFW              19Garden Spot Blue Sox     8Z
21-Jun-17Wed26166:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Blue          4Ephrata Paladins         11Z
21-Jun-17Wed26146:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Blue                 12Hempfield Red            6Z
21-Jun-17Wed26176:00PM Maneta Park (Zinn's)     Cocalico Eagles          7Hempfield Black          14Z
21-Jun-17Wed26196:00PM New Holland Park         Garden Spot Blue Sox     8Mountville Black Sox     7Z
21-Jun-17Wed26186:00PM Overlook #2              MT Thunder               8Manheim VFW              3Z
21-Jun-17Wed25216:00PM Community #1             Lancaster St. Joe        8Mountville Phillies      18Z
22-Jun-17Thu26156:00PM Warwick Township Field 2 Warwick Braves           15Columbia Red             2Z
22-Jun-17Thu26206:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Braves        14MT Storm                 8Z
22-Jun-17Thu26216:00PM Furman Park Field #2     Donegal Indians          7SWS White                10Z
23-Jun-17Fri25716:00PM Overlook #2              MT Thunder               1Warwick Braves           16Z
23-Jun-17Fri25136:00PM Froelich Park East       Mountville Phillies      14Garden Spot Royals       1Z
23-Jun-17Fri26236:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Braves        5MT Lightning             1Z
23-Jun-17Fri26226:00PM Herr Flowers Field 2 (LowSWS Black                1Hempfield Red            14Z
23-Jun-17Fri25926:00PM Paradise Park Field 2    Pequea Valley Braves     4Conestoga Valley         18Z
26-Jun-17Mon26056:00PM St. Joseph's Field 1     Lancaster St. Joe        1SOLANCO Gold             17Z
26-Jun-17Mon25336:00PM Overlook #2              MT Thunder               8Ephrata Paladins         7Z
27-Jun-17Tue25456:00PM New Holland Park         Garden Spot Blue Sox     4Columbia Red             3Z
27-Jun-17Tue25006:00PM Reamstown Memorial Park  Cocalico Eagles          10MT Thunder               7Z
27-Jun-17Tue25266:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Gold          2Hempfield Red            9Z
28-Jun-17Wed26086:00PM Greider Park Field B     Penn Manor Blue          11Donegal Indians          4Z
29-Jun-17Thu26076:00PM Froelich Park West       Mountville Black Sox     9Columbia Red             5Z

All rainouts must be re-scheduled within 5 business days or a forfeit will be issued!


If you see a "B" at the end of your score that represents a double forfeit.  The reason(s) could be the following:

  • The score was never called in by the winning team.  For a tie the home team calls in the score
  • The score was called in but the paper did not print them
  • The score was called in but the paper listed them incorrectly
  • The game was not rescheduled after 5 business days after a rain out
  • The game was rescheduled but never made it to the league - Please send update to