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Lancaster County Youth Baseball League

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10u Section 1
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12u Section 1
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14u Section 1
14u Section 2
14u Section 3
14u Section 2 Standings page was last modified on Friday, June 30, 2017 04:31:39 PM
Playoffs updated 06.30.17
14u Sec 2
NorthWinsLossesTiesWinning %PointsRuns AllowedGames Remaining
DE-Town BlackNorth143182.4%43630
Warwick White SoxNorth144077.8%42530
Mountville Red SoxNorth144077.8%42730
Pequea Valley BravesNorth126066.7%36950
Donegal GreenNorth116164.7%341050
Manheim TigersNorth107158.8%311050
Bowmansville Red SoxNorth613031.6%181421
Garden Spot Blue SoxNorth314217.6%111511
Ephrata CopperheadsNorth313118.8%101541
Cocalico EaglesNorth01900.0%02191
SouthWinsLossesTiesWinning %PointsRuns AllowedGames Remaining
DSOLANCO GreySouth171094.4%51530
Donegal BlackSouth144077.8%42890
Columbia RedSouth144077.8%42900
Mountville Blue JaysSouth135072.2%39930
SWS PhilliesSouth108055.6%301080
St. Leo LionsSouth89047.1%241261
Mount Joy BlueSouth513027.8%151420
Penn ManorSouth314117.6%101710
Conestoga ValleySouth314117.6%101890
Garden Spot RoyalSouth11605.9%31811
SeedTeamWinsLossesTiesWinning %PointsRuns AllowedGames Remaining
XSOLANCO GreySouth171094.4%51530
D1E-Town BlackNorth143182.4%43630
2H2HMountville Red SoxNorth144077.8%42730
3H2HWarwick White SoxNorth144077.8%42530
XDonegal BlackSouth144077.8%42890
XColumbia RedSouth144077.8%42900
4Mountville Blue JaysSouth135072.2%39930
5Pequea Valley BravesNorth126066.7%36950
6Donegal GreenNorth116164.7%341050
7Manheim TigersNorth107158.8%311050
8SWS PhilliesSouth108055.6%301080
12St. Leo LionsSouth89047.1%241261
13Bowmansville Red SoxNorth613031.6%181421
14Mount Joy BlueSouth513027.8%151420
15Garden Spot Blue SoxNorth314217.6%111511
16Ephrata CopperheadsNorth313118.8%101541
17Penn ManorSouth314117.6%101710
18Conestoga ValleySouth314117.6%101890
19Garden Spot RoyalSouth11605.9%31811
20Cocalico EaglesNorth01900.0%02191
1. Points
Division Winners are the #1 & #2 Seeds2. H2HCalculated EOS
Seeds #3 ~ 20 are the rest3. Runs Allowed
.750 Rule
Bowmansville Red SoxEligible
Pequea Valley BravesEligible
Columbia RedIneligible
Donegal BlackIneligible
Donegal GreenEligible
Mount Joy BlueEligible
SOLANCO GreyIneligible
St. Leo LionsEligible